A Guide to Cleansing

Cleansing is an integral part of witchcraft and many Pagan religions. It is a way to cleanse concentrate and protect one’s self, home, workplace or an object, such as jewellery or divination tools.

There are so many ways to cleanse, many more than I will outline here, however, these are my personal favourites.



Specifically, the smoke from a sage smudge stick. Sage is widely known for it’s cleansing and purifying qualities and makes it a go-to for many people when they need to clear a place or object of negativity.

To use a sage smudge stick, simply take you smudge stick and light the end, the same way you would incense. Ensure the smoke touches anything you want it to and that it moves around the space while making sure to catch the ashes in a heatproof bowl.

One thing to note about this method is that sage is a STRONG smell! Airing out the place you use it in will be necessary, especially if you share your house or room.



Incense cleansing works in a really similar way to sage smoke the difference being that it allows the individual to use incense that corresponds to a particular desire or need of the individual. For example, if someone wants to cleanse a Tarot card deck and ensure it’s clarity they may wish to burn Basil or Cedar incense, both of which are used for such needs.

The method of use is again similar to using a sage smudge. Simply light the incense and move the object through the smoke or move the stick itself about the room or place you wish to cleanse.



Salt is a universal cleanser and grounder, and a go-to for many practitioners as it is cheap, easy to find and easy to use.

Salt can be used in as simple a way as burying an item in salt and leaving it for however long as you feel (overnight usually feels right for me). Another way to use salt is to dissolve it into water and soak items in it, though this isn’t always ideal as some things, such as the crystal selenite, dissolve in water.



Moonlight is the most traditional and simplest way to cleanse anything, with the added benefit of being free and constant!

Exposing anything to, preferably direct, moonlight will cleanse it, ridding it of dark or unwanted energies. The next thing to take into account with moonlight cleansing is the phase the moon is in. The full moon is the most powerful lunar phase and when most people will endeavour to use it for cleansing purposes. However, each of the different moon phases hold different purposes and, like different kinds of incense can be used to imbue items with different and specific energies.


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