A Guide to Lunar Phases

Lunar Phases have a tremendous impact on individuals as well as the outcome of spells we perform. Below are the four main phases of the moon and what energies they bring to the forefront.


New Moon:

πŸŒ‘ New beginnings
πŸŒ‘ New endeavours
πŸŒ‘ New relationships
πŸŒ‘ Positive changes
πŸŒ‘ Planting seeds

Waxing Moon:

πŸŒ“ Growth
πŸŒ“ Learning
πŸŒ“ Accomplishments
πŸŒ“ Positive transformation
πŸŒ“ Creativity
πŸŒ“ Healing

Full Moon:

πŸŒ• Wish fulfilment
πŸŒ• Harvest
πŸŒ• Protection
πŸŒ• Spell work
πŸŒ• Achieving dreams

Waning Moon:

πŸŒ— Letting go
πŸŒ— Breaking habits
πŸŒ— Cleansing
πŸŒ— Releasing energies
πŸŒ— Opening
πŸŒ— Making space for the new

Thank you for reading, I hope you found it useful! πŸŒ™


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