Spell for Warmth

I created this spell to warm myself up as Australia’s winter has had some unusually cold nights this season, and I have particularly bad circulation that makes it super hard to get cosy.

I’ve used this spell a few times and have always found combining it with a hot cup of herbal tea to work a treat.


Now, the How-to:

If you use them, light the God and Goddess candles and invoke them in your usual manner, I usually meditate.

Light Cinnamon or Frankincense incense and any candles you like. I’ve found that the more I burn, the more warmth I get out of this process.

Find yourself in a meditative state and concentrate on the warmth you’re gaining from the light, the smoke, the candles, and if you connect with them, deities. Feel the energy around you, caressing your skin and warming your body. Visualise a bright, warm light wrapping you up and chant:

By Lord of sun
By light of flame
The cold is done
The ice is tamed
Remove this chill from off my bones
By Maiden, Mother and by Crone.

Maintain the visualisation of the light for as long as you can or need to. I tend to wait for at least as long as it takes for an incense stick to burn out.

Once complete, thank any deities you were working with and blow out the candles, as you would with any ritual or spell.

I hope that you all find this useful and it keeps you nice and toasty this Winter!🕯


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