An Ye Harm None: To Curse or Not to Curse

Within us, we all have an idea of what is “good” and what is “bad” but how do we translate this into our practice? Casting a spell that aims to result in another person’s death is seen by many as wrong but what if that person has caused severe harm to you or your family? Morality is an inescapable part of life, especially for those of us who practice magick.

When I first began my journey into witchcraft, full of research, reading and writing, I was tempted to use my new knowledge to hurt people who have caused my physical and mental harm. I felt empowered, I felt strong, but most of all I felt angry. So much hurt I’d worked through and dealt with resurfaced and I became obsessed with a subtle form of revenge. It was unhealthy, but I drew myself out of it, thankfully. And my god, did I learn.

Personally, I couldn’t bring myself to cast a spell that directly and intentionally harmed a person, BUT that is my path, my choice, my craft.

I’ve spoken to many people who would and do manifest such magick. Their path, their choice, their craft. They have their reasons just as I have mine, and while each point of view may not agree with the other one, it is nigh impossible to discredit other witches’ feelings without questioning your own morals.

I’ve vowed not to hurt anyone using magick, but what if someone attacked my mother? Perhaps, I use magick to seek revenge on someone who wronged me, but what if one day I am cursed and realise the level of the harm it causes?

At first, I found it hard to comprehend how people could practice “dark magick”, as it is coined, and not hold that angry, vengeful meanness inside them as I did but it is possible. I cannot say how for I do not know, but it is possible to overcome it. It is possible to not experience it. Once again, I learnt.


It remains difficult for someone very definitely on one side of the fence to have an unbiased view of the other side but it’s is clear, nothing is black and white.

Please comment your experiences, paths and journeys down below, I’d be very interested in knowing more about how the community feels regarding this topic. I only ask that you’re all respectful of each others’ paths.

Blessed be and safety to you all.


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